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Dear Residents,

Finally, the beautiful weather has arrived! 

Because the weather wasnít very cooperative until very recently, it has taken a bit longer to complete some of our on-going projects!  For example, the Village Marina was recently completed and is now ready for public enjoyment.  We are nearly complete with the Shore Road Park project which has included major electrical updates including a new transformer and updated wiring for the baseball field lights.  Both projects were necessary due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.  The funding for these projects are the results of insurance claims and through reimbursements from FEMA.

We can now enjoy our waterfront once again.

With the summer, there will be many more drivers on the roads.  We also have many younger drivers who have recently received their licenses as well.  Therefore, Deputy Mayor Mike Lavorata wants to remind you not to text and drive.  The message can wait.  Shut the cell phone down when you enter your vehicle.  It will prevent the temptation of answering that call or text message.

Speaking of safety, Trustee Joan Masterson wants to remind you about boating safety.  Do not drink and drive while boating.  Like any other motor vehicle, drinking and driving donít mix.  So practice safe boating as well as safe driving.  Let us all enjoy a safe and relaxing summer season.

Trustee Maryann Weckerle wants to remind you that the BID is continuing to work with the merchants and landlords to fill the vacant stores.  Also, please donít forget to patronize our great restaurants including: La Villa Gaia Restaurant at 101 N. Wellwood Avenue; Goccia DíOro at 118 S. Wellwood Avenue; the Village Lanterne at 143 N. Wellwood Avenue as well as Kabuki at 183 S. Wellwood Avenue. These restaurants illustrate just how seriously both the Administration and the BID are with continuing the improvement and development of the Business District.

Finally, Trustee Darrel Kost, who was elected in March of this year, wants to remind everyone that if you see something in your neighborhood that is unusual, for example, an excessive amount of vehicles at one particular residence, please immediately notify the police.  As you are no doubt aware, there is a nationwide drug epidemic which has touched nearly every community.  Please do not ignore any unusual behavior as we cannot fight the fight alone!  We have partnered with many community groups as part of the Mayorís Task Force on Youth Drug and Alcohol Abuse but we need your help as well.

Our administration continues to encourage residents to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns with us.  Our partnership with the various civic, service and community organizations have strengthened because we all have the same goal of keeping Lindenhurst as a great place to live, work and enjoy!

Along with the Board of Trustees, our Administrative staff and all the employees of the Village, we look forward to continue to serve the Village to the best of our abilities for the betterment of Lindenhurst!

Warmest Regards,

Mayor Tom Brennan

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