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Dear Residents,

Well so far, we have had a very strange winter!  One week it was 60 degrees and then the temperature drooped all the way down to 10! 

That is why Deputy Mayor Mike Lavorata and I want to remind residents that driving during the winter months can be extremely dangerous, especially when it snows. However, driving with extra caution and adhering to the rules of the road can help to ensure safe passage for all motorists!

Motorists can enhance safety, visibility, and mobility throughout the season by making sure that our vehicles are winter–ready.  Before driving, be sure to clear all windows, lights and external mirrors of snow and ice, be observant of roadway conditions and proceed at appropriate speeds.

In the event of a snow emergency, be alert to weather advisories. If you do not need to travel, stay put until the roads are cleared of snow and ice.  If you must drive: 1) Plan alternate ways and allow extra time to travel to main routes and to your place of destination; 2) Slow down, brake slowly and allow plenty of room between you and the vehicle ahead of you; 3) During times of reduced visibility, watch for pedestrians, bicycles and disabled vehicles; 4) Maintain your vehicle properly. Check your car battery and replenish antifreeze and windshield washer fluids.  Always keep a flashlight, snowbrush, ice scraper, jumper cables, blankets and an extra set of clothes in your vehicle and finally, 5) Keep a cell phone and charger handy.

As soon as you are aware that bad weather is on the way, make every effort to keep your car off the street. This protects your car from being plowed in or being hit by passing vehicles and the snowplow has space to safely plow the snow.  Generally speaking when shoveling out the mouth of your driveway, throw the snow to the right of your driveway. Throwing or plowing snow into the road can create a patch of snow and ice and cause a hazardous condition.  It is unlawful to shovel or dump snow into spaces reserved for handicap parking.

“Let’s be even more careful this winter than in the past by working to prevent motor vehicle accidents by taking that extra step to ensure the safety of yourself and your fellow motorists,” notes Deputy Mayor Mike Lavorata.        

Thanks to the Lindenhurst Fire Department, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Improvement District (BID), the Mayor’s Beautification Society and the Village Administration for a wonderful Holiday Celebration on December 7, 2014.  Each year, the parades get better and better and the Village Park, looked wonderful with Christmas lighting, garland and lights, which really added to the celebration of the season!

Wellwood Avenue was truly a Holiday Paradise for most of the day!  Our good friend and retiring, Assemblyman Bob Sweeney, was given the honor of lighting the tree!

The BID is continuing to work with the merchants and landlords to fill the vacant stores.  Also, please don’t forget to patronize our great restaurants including: La Villa Gaia Restaurant at 101 N. Wellwood Avenue; Goccia D’Oro at 118 S. Wellwood Avenue; the Village Lanterne at 143 N. Wellwood Avenue as well as Kabuki at 183 S. Wellwood Avenue. These restaurants illustrate just how seriously both the Administration and the BID are with continuing the improvement and development of the Business District!

Our administration continues to encourage residents to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns with us.  Our partnership with the various civic, service and community organizations have strengthened because we all have the same goal of keeping Lindenhurst as a great place to live, work and enjoy!

Along with the Board of Trustees, our Administrative staff and all the employees of the Village, we look forward to continue to serve the Village to the best of our abilities for the betterment of Lindenhurst!

Warmest Regards,

Mayor Tom Brennan

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